Welcome to the Chezie Community!

🎉  WELCOME! 🎉 

A bit about us: we launched Chezie to help diverse students and professionals find companies that they love. In addition to our Stories, we're excited to launch our community platform to help you build deeper connections with prospective employers and network with other members of the Chezie community. 

Some helpful tips:

  • Chezie Hub: Stay up to date with all things Chezie and interact with the broader community members
  • All Companies: Interact directly with employers by joining their spaces
  • Chezie Spaces: Join a space to link with people that identify similarly to you. 
  • Chezie University: Learn about internships while getting some professional development tips & tricks

Join our community to:

  • interact directly with inclusive employers
  • find your community at a company before you apply
  • network with other diverse students and professionals
  • share your experiences and learn from the experiences of others

Connect with us:

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